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xmorulax's Journal

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Free graphics: layouts, icons, headers, wallpapers, and more!

Hello there dear fellow Homo sapiens sapiens! If you are visiting this that means you are either interested by our works or you feel here from down a rabbit hole, one way or another, you’re very welcome! xmorulax is a community created by Mari & Miki to share our graphic works, meaning livejournal layouts, icons, wallpapers, and so on. This is a friend only journal, so if you like to see all our entries and, therefore, works, please join the community! We hope you like every color and madness in here, and thank you for visiting!

There are not many rules here, but still there are some things important enough to be remembered. If you would like to see our works, first of all join the community here. After that, if you want to use something, just comment on the entry that you found that you are taking it, just so we know how many people liked and decided to make good use of it. Also, CREDIT, that’s our most important rule. You may credit the community itself, xmorulax, or even the one who created it, but one way or another creeeedit, please! We don’t find any problems in sharing our works, but in order to keep going that’s the only think we ask for.

Random information that may make your life easier:
Everything in the community is separated in tags. So you can either look for a band/series/film/actor, anything you’d like to see that we made of them; or either the works itself, layouts/icons/wallpapers, and so on. So to make your life easier when you want to look for something, you can take a peck on our tags here.

We are not taking requests yet. If you want to give us a hint of something you’d like to see in our works that’s fine and really welcome, but all works are for everybody to use, not individual.

Other then that, if you have any questions, doubts or tips of how to make this comm better, just leave us a comment here and we’ll be happy to answer you!

Friend Comms:
none yet~
If you want to friend comm us, link us on your comm and leave a comment here so we link you back♥